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The ZENCON's Launchpad integrates developers, investors and the ZENIQ's community in one single place. If you wanna get insights about everything that is happening on the ZENIQ Smartchain, get precious information on the best projects to invest, as well as to know the latest news about upcoming solutions, this is the right place to be.

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If this is your first time visiting the ZENCON's Launchpad, we got you covered! Below you can find organized all information that best fits your profile.


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Get started with the Documentation of our Smartchain. Check out our official Github repository for project templates, smart contracts and more!


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Understand the TIER evaluation system to get insights about the potential and maturity of each individual project. Check out our ZENCON Academy Documentation to learn more!


I'm a visitor

Be an active ZENIQ community member by interacting with the projects running on our Smartchain, either rating them or contacting the development team for feedback or more information!

Suitable For Every Developer

The ZENIQ Smartchain is compatible with a wide range of languages and frameworks to improve your workflow.


Designed for Performance

With one block every 3 seconds and high transaction capacity, the ZENIQ Smartchain can boost your web3 app's performance.


Introducing ZeniqID: ZENIQ's New Authentication Technology

One of the biggest challenges of Decentralization is to be able to effectively prove authenticity without giving up your private information to third parties. With that in mind, ZENIQ developed a blockchain based authentication method designed to protect its users personal data. Now, the next level secure authentication system fits in your pocket.


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